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Goals for 2015

In earlier posts I spoke about my 2014 and also what my 2015 was going to be about.  But I also want to share several specific goals that I have for 2015 and for this blog.

I have all the normal goals that most people do this time of year.  Lose weight, read more, exercise more, and the list goes on and on.  I’m fairly certain that I will improve on those things this year.  I have set plans in place to help me improve on those things but I don’t really have metrics on where I want to be just yet. But when it comes to my WordPress perspective and my business goals, I want to be very specific.

I want to become an authority in my space.

I use the word authority very pointedly.  I don’t want to be an “expert.”  I hate that word.  It implies that we have somehow “made” it or arrived.  Part of being a life-long learner is finding that you always have more to learn about a topic and that there are always people who know more about it than you.

I have set some very specific characters in my strategy for this blog and want to become a great resource for those people.  I’ll have more to share on who those personas are soon.

I want to contribute 3 products to the .org community (free) and create 3 premium products (paid).

Six products in a year seems like a tall order but I believe I’m up to the challenge.  The first one, a theme, will be releasing soon.  In fact, I’ve got a sneak peak coming up in a week or so.  🙂

But I also believe in giving back to the community that allows me to do what I love and support my family.  So I want to release some of my work back into the community so that others can use, learn and contribute back.  In fact, the first one of these projects was released last week.  I released the _s LESS theme based off of Automattic’s _s theme starter framework.  My goal is to keep that updated to match _s and WordPress updates every few weeks if possible.

I want to start blogging in Long Story Form.

I have always loved the longer posts, but with plugins like Aesop Story Engine, this has become not only super easy but incredibly beautiful.  So expect to see some really long posts about certain topics.  My goal is to have one of these types written weekly.  Which brings me to my biggest goal for 2015.

I want to blog daily.

I take this one very seriously.  I blogged a total of six times in 2014 and half of those times were in December as I started to consider and plan for blogging daily this year.  I will not be posting on Saturday and Sunday as I am very intentional about using those days to be with family and friends, resting and spending quality time together.  But weekdays you should see at least one post per day from me.  I don’t want these to be just any old content either.  My goal is to release high quality content as much as possible that adds to the knowledge available online, not the noise.

So these things are going to require not just discipline but a true commitment on my part to set aside time daily to invest in myself and in my business.  But the results they can bring will be beneficial to me and to my tribe.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on my goals and on any that you are setting for 2015.  Are you also blogging daily?  Leave a comment to let me know so I can follow your journey and we can keep each other accountable!

By Matt Pritchett

Matt is a Christian, a husband, a father to four, and a software engineer at Saturday Drive, the makers of products like Ninja Forms, Caldera Forms, and SendWP. He also helps clients solve complex problems with code, consulting, and more. He occasionally blogs.

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