Losing Kim Parsell #WPMOM

Losing someone within a community isn’t easy.  And the passing of Kim Parsell isn’t any easier.  Her life touched so many in the WordPress community and I’m sure in the local community around her that the death leaves a hole that is both painful and shocking.

Kim Parsell loved the community.  That much was always apparent.  She took others under her wing and would cajole, love, and help in anyway she could.  While I never got to meet her in person, I saw her daily taking up the banner of those in the community who needed it, kicking those who needed a swift kick, and doing so with so much love and country charm that no one could do anything but love her back.

I found a tweet today that sums up Kim’s view of the world pretty well:

I’m thankful for her influence, her heart, and her incredible efforts in the WordPress docs team.  Your legacy lives on, Kim.

2015: A Year For Stories

When you think of storytelling, who do you think of?  Not what, but who?  For me, it is Chris Lema.  That guy can tell an amazing story.  Not only is he a great storyteller, but his stories are compelling and interactive.  You want to respond, to share, to reach out. Continue reading “2015: A Year For Stories”

How To Thrive (not just survive) A WordCamp

Carrie Dils, a WordPress developer from Fort Worth, Texas, recently published a wonderful post about surviving a WordCamp for noobs.  I really enjoyed her post and it sparked some more thoughts from my first WordCamp experience in Spring 2014 at WCATX.  This post is in response to her post as well as in addition to. Continue reading “How To Thrive (not just survive) A WordCamp”

Why I Love WordPress

So lately I’ve seen a lot of articles, announcements, and tweets that have been hard on WordPress and its perceived weaknesses.  Rather than replying in a defensive way through comments, replies, or email, I thought I would take the opportunity to express exactly why I, personally, love WordPress.  While I sincerely do understand that there are projects where another CMS or even no CMS is a better alternative, I have chosen over the past few years to make my living primarily through WordPress-centric projects. Continue reading “Why I Love WordPress”