My Workflow – HTML/CSS

This is the second workflow post in what I hope to be an ongoing series that explains a little about how I work so that others can perhaps learn something and that those with more experience than me can point out issues or tips for better productivity and ease of use. Continue reading “My Workflow – HTML/CSS”

My Workflow – Coda 2

So I received a question a few days ago about my workflow and I am more than happy to share the tools and workflows that I use to get things done.  By no means am I or my workflows perfect and I’m constantly adjusting and testing to make them better. If you’ve got advice or see an issue, I’d love to hear about! Continue reading “My Workflow – Coda 2”

Finding The Right WordPress Theme For Your Church

It was 2011.

I had just gotten married to my beautiful bride and was looking for a full time, salaried position to begin our new life together.  We had graduated from college a few months before and were starry eyed in love and with hope about the future.  As luck would have it, I found a position at the church we attended as their only web person-guy.  I’m pretty sure that was my title to begin with. Continue reading “Finding The Right WordPress Theme For Your Church”

Finding The Right eCommerce Plugin: WooCommerce

Working with eCommerce stores hasn’t always been easy like it is today.

The first eCommerce store I ever worked with was a pain.  It was slow, clunky and often times making a simple change to a product meant 45 minutes or more work and changing things in several places.  But it was the best product available at the time.  In fact, it was considered revolutionary for its time. Continue reading “Finding The Right eCommerce Plugin: WooCommerce”

Finding The Right eCommerce Plugin

I have several ongoing personal projects that are getting closer and closer to launch.  These projects are going to need an ecommerce platform very soon.  While I’ve watched the various plugins rise and fall over the course of the past 7 years, I wondered recently if there are any that I wasn’t aware of that I should be considering.  I also wondered if I truly understood the benefits of each plugin and which one was truly right for my needs. Continue reading “Finding The Right eCommerce Plugin”

Who Are You Blogging For?

Blogging, like most things in life that you want to do long term, requires discipline.  It isn’t always glamarous, it isn’t always fun.  Sometimes, it requires forcing yourself to sit down, open up and start typing.  But as I find myself a few weeks into blogging daily, I find that the forcing myself to do it occurs less and less and that I am finding more pleasure in releasing my thoughts onto the page. Continue reading “Who Are You Blogging For?”

Pushing Pause

Today marks the four year anniversary of my wife and I getting married.  In tangential news, it also marks the four year anniversary of the biggest scam in US history.  That would be me getting this amazing woman to marry me.

I’m pushing pause on blogging today to spend the time with her.  Because she’s why I do all of this.  She is more important than any of it.  See you guys tomorrow!