Building A Brand On Giving Back To The Community

I remember it well.

We were attempting to migrate an enormous multisite installation of WordPress that another company had built and we had finished after they ran into scope issues.

It wasn’t going well. Continue reading “Building A Brand On Giving Back To The Community”

Squarespace and Wix Are Not Competing With WordPress

So over the past few months, perhaps even more than a year now, I’ve watched many people within the WordPress community, even Matt Mullenweg himself, talk about how WordPress, if it is to grow (some have even said survive) has to start competing with applications such as Squarespace and Wix in terms of ease of use and functionality. Continue reading “Squarespace and Wix Are Not Competing With WordPress”

Accessibility in WordPress Themes

In case you haven’t been around for the past few months, this year is a major year for WordPress and accessibility.  Many of the contributing developers are pushing for improvements across the WordPress ecosystem and a few are even doing things about it. Continue reading “Accessibility in WordPress Themes”

Church Podcasting – Theme or Plugin?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with a church that uses WordPress as their CMS of choice and loves it.  Having worked in church tech for several years, I saw this so many times.  It’s a great platform with a low barrier of entry and great resources for those without massive marketing budgets. Continue reading “Church Podcasting – Theme or Plugin?”

One Month Into Blogging Daily

So this blogging thing isn’t easy.

I made the commitment to myself that this year I would blog every weekday.  It is an auspicious thing for me.  Last year, until December, I had blogged four times.  I blogged several times in December as I began to ramp up to 2015, but I still only blogged seven times all year. Continue reading “One Month Into Blogging Daily”

WordPress Theme Review Team

One of my goals this year was to contribute back to WordPress in a meaningful way.  I decided in December that I would accomplish this by joining the theme review team. As January comes to a close, I’ve started to take stock of what I’ve accomplished in the goal arena and how I can improve both in discipline and strategy.  I started out the year by joining the Theme review team and diving into my first review. Continue reading “WordPress Theme Review Team”

The Richards Group New Building

So we starting wrap up our second week in our new building at The Richards Group.  Our owner and founder, Stan Richards, built this building himself and believe me, they agonized over every details from bathroom signs to the tinting on the windows.  It’s a pretty rad setup.  While there are things that I don’t necessarily like, the space itself is very cool, modern, and inviting.  It also comes with lots of new technological amenities that our previous building didn’t have. Here’s a few photos to give you an idea!