Blogging Goals For March

As I sat down to write this morning, it occurred to me that I haven’t set any  blogging goals lately.  I have my yearly goal of blogging every weekday, but I haven’t set any short term goals. While I believe I’m doing fairly well in my commitment to blog, I’d love to start hitting some specific goals about blogging for certain audiences and on certain topics per month. Continue reading “Blogging Goals For March”

Prestige Conference – A Premium Business And Career Development Conference

I am extremely excited to share with you that I will attending Prestige Conference this weekend, remotely.  While I want 2015 to be the year that I venture to a few more WordPress conferences and events, I have just begun to make arrangements both financially and schedule-wise.  So I was delighted to hear (albeit at the last minute, how did I miss it earlier?) that Prestige Conference would be offering a live streaming option. Continue reading “Prestige Conference – A Premium Business And Career Development Conference”

WordPress Has A Plugin Problem

WordPress has a plugin problem.

Now I know that there are plugins for this and for that. In fact, there are very few things that there aren’t multiple (if not hundreds) of plugins for.  They are constantly being released.  In fact, it seems that the plugin review team for always needs volunteers (I do understand that this is true of all volunteer teams)! 🙂 Continue reading “WordPress Has A Plugin Problem”

Considerations Before Starting a Church Website

Truly investing in a church website and their online strategy is work.

Our team had invested heavily in this small church’s website.  From architecture to strategy to development and design.  We had given it our all.  They had a solid foundation and gameplan for content and social strategy for at least six months.  Unfortunately, they didn’t want to hire us to continue to walk beside them in executing content. Continue reading “Considerations Before Starting a Church Website”

The 1:1 Principle At Red Cloud Themes

The above featured image is due, in large part, to this is how all Texans are acting like it looks like outside.  We did get about an inch of sleet.  But I’m wrapped up inside working from home today, so I digress. 🙂

With my announcement recently that I am going to begin selling themes under the banner of Red Cloud Themes, I’ve received some good feedback.  I’ve gotten great wisdom as well as some very kind words.  One of the biggest things that I’ve been toying with so far as a unique value proposition as well as a way to provide value to the community is what I’m dubbing the “1:1 Principle”. Continue reading “The 1:1 Principle At Red Cloud Themes”

Finding Time For Side Projects

I recently announced that I was starting a new theme shop.  I’m sure the announcement didn’t send waves through the community and that most people never saw it. That’s okay.  I’m sure a few people even snickered to themselves about how theme shops are a dying breed.  That’s fine.  But I see a need for quality themes that are both accessible and fit a specific purpose.  But this project isn’t my main job.  I work a full time job, like most people.  Red Cloud Themes is a side project to help build out a need that I see in the WordPress community and grow my skills as a developer and even as a designer.  But here is something that I haven’t said but remains true: Finding time for side projects is hard! Continue reading “Finding Time For Side Projects”

On Community

One of my favorite things about WordPress is its community.  The community is welcoming, self-regulating, and massive.  But it isn’t the only community that I am a part of.  I have community at work, at church and across the nation.  All of these communities are ones that I invest different levels of time and energy into and bring differing levels of return into my life.  So why have community at all? Continue reading “On Community”

Announcing Red Cloud Themes

It’s an exciting day for me.  I am super proud to announce an upcoming venture that’s been a long time in the making.  In the near future, I will be selling WordPress themes at Red Cloud Themes.

I know.

It’s crazy in this day and age to start selling WordPress themes.  The market is saturated.  Every design has been done.  You can get themes for $1 in some places.  So how can a new player get into the game?

For starters, I believe that there is a real market emerging for high quality, simple, well-built themes that serve a specific purpose.  The general purpose and ambiguous niche themes are spoken for.  Themeforest and a few others have that nailed down for now.  That market has so much competition that you can only make a profit by offering poor support or selling tens of thousands of licenses.

Red Cloud Themes is going to be different.  I’m going to be selling themes that are built for a purpose.  Want a beautiful blogging theme that highlights the images associated with your post?  We’ve got that coming and so much more.

Another thing that separates us from the crowd is that we are going to be offering highly specific integrations with certain plugins that add functionality to  Red Cloud Themes.  While no theme will contain plugin dependencies, we’re hoping to interface closely and beautifully with plugins like Beaver Builder, Aesop Story Engine, Conductor, Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, and Exchange by iThemes.  These plugins are all well known and provide excellent support and resources in their specific areas.

Red Cloud Themes still a bit away from launching our first theme, but I’m very excited about it and what the future holds.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.  Head on over to Red Cloud Themes Twitter account and give me a shout!

*** If you have a plugin that you believe would be a great partner with Red Cloud Themes, I’d love to talk to you.