How To Build A Simple Fundraising Site – Part 2

By Matt Pritchett | May 6, 2015

Previously, we chose a domain and setup hosting for our site. Now, we’re going to focus on doing some basic setup for our WordPress site and choosing a theme to create the layout and look of our site. WordPress comes pretty well setup out of the box, but there are a few settings that can…

How To Build a Simple Fundraising Site – Part 1

By Matt Pritchett | May 5, 2015

Building a fundraising site for your organization to take donations or raise funds doesn’t have to be a huge pain. While there are many solutions for this and other web services, this is just one approach that can get you online and ready to take donations. Take this simple approach and have something up quickly.…

Reducing Clutter

Reducing Clutter

By Matt Pritchett | April 27, 2015

My family and I are leaving Texas. Don’t get me wrong, we have loved living in Dallas. There are lots of things to do, lots of restaurants, and our church small group has been awesome. But we have decided that we want to be closer to family for ourselves and our children. We’ll be heading…

Trying PhpStorm

Trying PhpStorm

By Matt Pritchett | April 21, 2015

That’s right. I’m changing IDE’s. Really, I’m just thinking about it. I’ve used Coda 2 by Panic for several years now and have always enjoyed it. It has all kinds of tools built in and a WordPress function auto-complete plugin available for free. But what I’ve always missed is something a little more dedicated and…

Connecting People

Connecting People

By Matt Pritchett | April 7, 2015

While developers and business owners get a lot of love in the WordPress community, there is another skillset that lurks beneath the usual din of blog posts and events. It can be far more valuable and far reaching than code or business plans. This skill, applied at the right moments, can and has changed my…

Another Side of Imposter Syndrome

Another Side of Imposter Syndrome

By Matt Pritchett | April 6, 2015

So I recently announced that I started as a front end developer with Crowd Favorite, a super awesome WordPress agency. I’m just starting week three of my journey at Crowd Favorite and it has been an awesome journey thus far. But I had several realizations last week as I was jumping into my first client project with…

April Goals

April’s Goals

By Matt Pritchett | April 3, 2015

March, for me, was both an exciting and a disastrous month. I turned 26. I blogged a total of 10 times out of 22 week days. I joined Crowd Favorite as a front end developer. I was sick not once but twice. But I’m moving past it. I’ve celebrated the wins and now I’m moving…

What Remote Work Means To Me

What Remote Work Means To Me

By Matt Pritchett | March 27, 2015

I finally did it. I joined Crowd Favorite and the quickly growing percentage of the work force that is working remotely. Telecommuting. Working from home. There are many ways to describe it.  But I’ve done it. My first brush with remote work was in 2011 when I was lucky enough to be allowed to work…

I've Joined Crowd Favorite

I’ve Joined Crowd Favorite

By Matt Pritchett | March 25, 2015

I’ve joined Crowd Favorite as a lead front end developer.  I’m super excited to be joining the company and have loved the experience so far.  Chris Lema wrote a very kind post about me and Pat joining yesterday. In case you wondered, this was the reason for the “media blackout” (snickers at the thought of…

Staying Motivated On A Long Term WordPress Business Project

Staying Motivated On A Long Term Project

By Matt Pritchett | March 16, 2015

Long term projects are hard. For instance, at my current job, I’ve been on the same project for almost a year now.  I’ve had smaller projects in that time, but for the most part, I’ve been working on our agency’s website redesign for a year.  I’ve redeveloped a single page template twelve times. TWELVE.  Staying…

A WordPress "Forced" Update

A WordPress “Forced” Update

By Matt Pritchett | March 12, 2015

***Update – So several members of the Core dev team and Core security team have responded on Twitter and pointed out that the updates were always this way and that the Codex was incorrect.  It has been updated to reflect reality.  While this still causes some frustration on my part, I appreciate their quickness to both…

The Passing Of A Broadcast Legend, Terry Dorsey

The Passing Of A Broadcast Legend, Terry Dorsey

By Matt Pritchett | March 9, 2015

While I had something else cued up for today, I turned on my radio, as I always do on my commute, to Dallas country station KSCS.  Sadly, as soon as I tuned in I learned of the sudden passing of legendary broadcast Terry Dorsey. While I’ve only lived in Dallas for 18 months, Terry’s voice…