Growing Outside the WordPress Box

Sometimes I get too focused. I stop growing. I’ve been “head down” for the past several months. After joining Crowd Favorite, I jumped right into several projects. I also moved 800 miles from Texas to Georgia. Moving is both expensive and complex. There are licenses to update, crazy amounts of bills and lots of records […]

How To Build A Simple Fundraising Site – Part 2

Previously, we chose a domain and setup hosting for our site. Now, we’re going to focus on doing some basic setup for our WordPress site and choosing a theme to create the layout and look of our site. WordPress comes pretty well setup out of the box, but there are a few settings that can […]

Staying Motivated On A Long Term Project

Long term projects are hard. For instance, at my current job, I’ve been on the same project for almost a year now.  I’ve had smaller projects in that time, but for the most part, I’ve been working on our agency’s website redesign for a year.  I’ve redeveloped a single page template twelve times. TWELVE.  Staying […]

It’s (Not) Time For WordPress To Automatically Update Themes, Plugins, And Core By Default

Monday, Jeff Chandler published a post on WP Tavern called, “It’s Time For WordPress to Automatically Update Themes, Plugins, and Core by Default.” I have a huge amount of respect for Jeff and the WP Tavern team.  I think they have a great handle on what is going on in the WordPress space and they […]

WordPress Has A Plugin Problem

WordPress has a plugin problem. Now I know that there are plugins for this and for that. In fact, there are very few things that there aren’t multiple (if not hundreds) of plugins for.  They are constantly being released.  In fact, it seems that the plugin review team for always needs volunteers (I do […]

Squarespace and Wix Are Not Competing With WordPress

So over the past few months, perhaps even more than a year now, I’ve watched many people within the WordPress community, even Matt Mullenweg himself, talk about how WordPress, if it is to grow (some have even said survive) has to start competing with applications such as Squarespace and Wix in terms of ease of […]