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Matthew Pritchett

Christian, husband, father, business owner, developer.

Category / Web Development

My Workflow

My Workflow 2016

I’ve written in the past about some of the tools I use to do everyday development. In the past six months, I’ve updated my workflow to include some new tools, get rid of ones that weren’t effective anymore, and overall upgraded my development chops. Here are a few of the things I use and how […]

Should I?

My eldest had her third birthday this weekend. We had a very fun, present-filled celebration with family and even FaceTimed with those that couldn’t be there. It was a truly merry time. One of the things that I learning as a father is to enjoy those little moments as they fly by and are so […]

Developers Are Project Managers Too

Developers Are Project Managers Too

We’ve all felt it. That tension that builds as a project get closer to launch. Maybe things are a bit behind. In many agencies, this leads to frustration between project managers and team members as each pushes back on the other. In some cases, I’ve even seen this tension lead to outright anger and arguments. […]

Growing Outside the WordPress Box

Growing Outside the WordPress Box

Sometimes I get too focused. I stop growing. I’ve been “head down” for the past several months. After joining Crowd Favorite, I jumped right into several projects. I also moved 800 miles from Texas to Georgia. Moving is both expensive and complex. There are licenses to update, crazy amounts of bills and lots of records […]

Trying PhpStorm

Trying PhpStorm

That’s right. I’m changing IDE’s. Really, I’m just thinking about it. I’ve used Coda 2 by Panic for several years now and have always enjoyed it. It has all kinds of tools built in and a WordPress function auto-complete plugin available for free. But what I’ve always missed is something a little more dedicated and […]

Another Side of Imposter Syndrome

Another Side of Imposter Syndrome

So I recently announced that I started as a front end developer with Crowd Favorite, a super awesome WordPress agency. I’m just starting week three of my journey at Crowd Favorite and it has been an awesome journey thus far. But I had several realizations last week as I was jumping into my first client project with […]

Staying Motivated On A Long Term WordPress Business Project

Staying Motivated On A Long Term Project

Long term projects are hard. For instance, at my current job, I’ve been on the same project for almost a year now.  I’ve had smaller projects in that time, but for the most part, I’ve been working on our agency’s website redesign for a year.  I’ve redeveloped a single page template twelve times. TWELVE.  Staying […]

My Workflow - HTML/CSS

My Workflow – HTML/CSS

This is the second workflow post in what I hope to be an ongoing series that explains a little about how I work so that others can perhaps learn something and that those with more experience than me can point out issues or tips for better productivity and ease of use. Continue Reading

My Workflow - Coda 2

My Workflow – Coda 2

So I received a question a few days ago about my workflow and I am more than happy to share the tools and workflows that I use to get things done.  By no means am I or my workflows perfect and I’m constantly adjusting and testing to make them better. If you’ve got advice or see an issue, I’d love to hear about! Continue Reading