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Matthew Pritchett

Christian, husband, father, business owner, developer.

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2017 Travel Plans

Will I See You In 2017? Let’s Find Out!

UPDATED 3/9/17 6:38 AM – Again, unfortunately plans change sometimes. after much discussion, the wife and i have decided that cabopress wouldn’t be in our best interest as a family this year and so I have withdrawn my application. i will miss the event and the incredible people a ton this year, but know that […]

Mastermind Groups

5 Reasons Mastermind Groups Will Change Your Business

If you are the parent of a toddler or know someone who is, then you’ve likely experienced those moments in life where your child (or children) are throwing a fit over literally nothing or will not obey even though you’re trying to get them to do something they want to do. It can be insanely […]

Connecting People

Connecting People

While developers and business owners get a lot of love in the WordPress community, there is another skillset that lurks beneath the usual din of blog posts and events. It can be far more valuable and far reaching than code or business plans. This skill, applied at the right moments, can and has changed my […]

On Community

On Community

One of my favorite things about WordPress is its community.  The community is welcoming, self-regulating, and massive.  But it isn’t the only community that I am a part of.  I have community at work, at church and across the nation.  All of these communities are ones that I invest different levels of time and energy into and bring differing levels of return into my life.  So why have community at all? Continue Reading

The WordPress Community

The WordPress Community

I got there early.

I’m not talking like 5 minutes early so I could find a good seat.  I’m talking like 20 minutes early where the speaker hadn’t even shown up yet and I was the only person in the room for 5-10 minutes. Continue Reading