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Matthew Pritchett

Christian, husband, father, business owner, developer.

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Building A WordPress Plugin Business From Scratch

Building A WordPress Plugin Business From Scratch

Have you met my friend Daniel? Daniel is a super nice guy who has tons of eCommerce and WordPress experience. He’s written lots of plugins and consults on awesome WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads projects. A few years ago, Daniel started Shop Plugins as a marketplace for some of his excellent plugins. But more than […]

Want To Change Your Business? Start With CaboPress.

A business conference in Cabo? Sure… This was the response I received from many of the people that I told about my recent trip to Mexico for a conference. While humorous, my experience was much more than margaritas on the beach. I had the awesome privilege to spend five days in Cabo San Lucas at […]

Mastermind Groups

5 Reasons Mastermind Groups Will Change Your Business

If you are the parent of a toddler or know someone who is, then you’ve likely experienced those moments in life where your child (or children) are throwing a fit over literally nothing or will not obey even though you’re trying to get them to do something they want to do. It can be insanely […]

Should I?

My eldest had her third birthday this weekend. We had a very fun, present-filled celebration with family and even FaceTimed with those that couldn’t be there. It was a truly merry time. One of the things that I learning as a father is to enjoy those little moments as they fly by and are so […]

The One Step To Building A Business You Can’t Ignore

Building a business is hard. Building a successful business is even harder. But there’s something that almost everyone misses even though it is completely obvious. To build a business, you have to actually build something. Recently, I had the pleasure of watching Syed Balkhi give a great talk on business  and our desire for excellence […]

Reducing Clutter

Reducing Clutter

My family and I are leaving Texas. Don’t get me wrong, we have loved living in Dallas. There are lots of things to do, lots of restaurants, and our church small group has been awesome. But we have decided that we want to be closer to family for ourselves and our children. We’ll be heading […]

The 1:1 Principle At Red Cloud Themes

The above featured image is due, in large part, to this is how all Texans are acting like it looks like outside.  We did get about an inch of sleet.  But I’m wrapped up inside working from home today, so I digress. 🙂

With my announcement recently that I am going to begin selling themes under the banner of Red Cloud Themes, I’ve received some good feedback.  I’ve gotten great wisdom as well as some very kind words.  One of the biggest things that I’ve been toying with so far as a unique value proposition as well as a way to provide value to the community is what I’m dubbing the “1:1 Principle”. Continue Reading

Finding Time For Side Projects

Finding Time For Side Projects

I recently announced that I was starting a new theme shop.  I’m sure the announcement didn’t send waves through the community and that most people never saw it. That’s okay.  I’m sure a few people even snickered to themselves about how theme shops are a dying breed.  That’s fine.  But I see a need for quality themes that are both accessible and fit a specific purpose.  But this project isn’t my main job.  I work a full time job, like most people.  Red Cloud Themes is a side project to help build out a need that I see in the WordPress community and grow my skills as a developer and even as a designer.  But here is something that I haven’t said but remains true: Finding time for side projects is hard! Continue Reading

Red Cloud Themes

Announcing Red Cloud Themes

It’s an exciting day for me.  I am super proud to announce an upcoming venture that’s been a long time in the making.  In the near future, I will be selling WordPress themes at Red Cloud Themes. I know. It’s crazy in this day and age to start selling WordPress themes.  The market is saturated. […]

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