One of my goals for 2016 was to get several plugins into the plugin repository. Not only do I value giving back to the community which has given me a job and lots of friends, but I saw this a viable way to raise my professional profile and possibly a way to start a business. I adopted a plugin, BuddyDrive, in 2016. Unfortunately, it took me into 2017 to create and submit my own plugin, WP Media Size. But now that I have two plugins in the repository, I can’t just sit back and wait. There are new features to write, updates to make, and bugs to squash. As a plugin author, I also never want to see that dreaded notice above my plugin that “This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years!” that is such a turn off to so many. So I work hard to write new features and make updates to my plugins.

Updating Features

In much the same way, we’ve seen web hosts pull off massive brand and identity changes by releasing impressive new features, focus on customer service, and really invest in their product. Remember GoDaddy a few years ago? Most people shudder and quietly admit that they used GoDaddy back then, because they had no other choice. But now, GoDaddy does great things and has revived their brand and their product.

But then there are also hosts out there who don’t update. They are the same as they were in 2007. They promise everything and anything for three bucks per month. Never mind that they are shared hosting on outdated, overcrowded servers that haven’t seen a PHP upgrade since 5.2. In fact, I just worked with a client who was still on one of these hosts this past week. I brought the entire shared server down by running a migration script that I’ve run on hundreds of other sites and servers. It wasn’t a good experience.

Liquid Web Does Updates Right

So when I say that Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting platform is releasing an amazing set of new features at lightning speed, I’m not just talking. Chris Lema and the rest of the awesome team at Liquid Web have been working hard to add features and really listen to their customers wishes and needs. They’ve made improvements to speed, security, image processing, caching, staging sites, migrations, domain redirects, SSLs, and much more just in the time I’ve been using their platform. I’ve never worked with a host that has moved so fast on so many items in a way that was both well thought through and responsive to customer needs.

A lot of places try to respond to customers’ needs and end up screwing up their platform or building too many features to maintain. But Chris and his team have been in this game a while. Chris has been using and writing about hosting in detail for years. He knows what questions to ask and what the right solutions are. So when requests come in for a change to their platform, his team knows whether a solution is viable as well as if the problem presented is one worth solving. Here’s what Chris had to say about the innovative new features they have and are releasing at Liquid Web:


“Innovation is not just about playing with new toys – though we’re playing with lots of new stuff. Innovation is about thinking about problems in new ways – ways that change how we define the realm of solutions. It’s how we came up with our visual comparison feature.”
– Chris Lema

It’s why I’ll be sticking with Liquid Web. It’s why I recommend Liquid Web to anyonewhose site IS their business, not merely a part of their business. If Liquid Web sounds like a company you’d like to partner with, click here.

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