I attended a meet up last night.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would go at first.  But I felt good and wasn’t as tired as I normally am after work and decided to make the effort.  I’m glad I did.

This wasn’t a WordPress meet up.  It was a developer and IT meet up sponsored by the IT team at my church.  There were software engineers, IT project managers, iOS developers and even some analysts there.  But we had technology and belief in common.  It was fun to go around the room and hear about each person’s background and current projects.  In fact, I look forward to doing some volunteer development work with some of these men in the near future.

Getting Out of My Head

This meet up brought up an interesting thought.  As my career and days are driven more and more by WordPress and the development thereof, is it hurting me to be so focused on one technology area?

The short answer is no.  But there is a caveat to that.  While I love WordPress and love developing new plugins, themes, and client sites on it, I think it is healthy and even beneficial to keep my mind in other areas of technology as well through meet ups, reading, and conversation.  It was exciting to hear what was going on in the .NET and android worlds.  Not that I want to start developing there, but there is some cool stuff happening.

There have been some blog posts recently about a lack of innovation inside of WordPress.  While I am not necessarily in agreement with everything I’ve read, I think a large part of this is the constant stream of people who have been doing WordPress development for years and nothing else being the ones making decisions.  Bringing in people who do other things or who do nothing but other things could be extremely advantageous to our community and core.

So go ahead, poke your head up.  Hit an ambiguous developer meet up.  You might be surprised how fun it is.

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Matt is a Christian, a husband, a father to two beautiful girls and a WordPress developer at CrowdFavorite. He also creates software for nonprofits and enterprise customers at Pritchett Media.

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