It’s an exciting day for me.  I am super proud to announce an upcoming venture that’s been a long time in the making.  In the near future, I will be selling WordPress themes at Red Cloud Themes.

I know.

It’s crazy in this day and age to start selling WordPress themes.  The market is saturated.  Every design has been done.  You can get themes for $1 in some places.  So how can a new player get into the game?

For starters, I believe that there is a real market emerging for high quality, simple, well-built themes that serve a specific purpose.  The general purpose and ambiguous niche themes are spoken for.  Themeforest and a few others have that nailed down for now.  That market has so much competition that you can only make a profit by offering poor support or selling tens of thousands of licenses.

Red Cloud Themes is going to be different.  I’m going to be selling themes that are built for a purpose.  Want a beautiful blogging theme that highlights the images associated with your post?  We’ve got that coming and so much more.

Another thing that separates us from the crowd is that we are going to be offering highly specific integrations with certain plugins that add functionality to  Red Cloud Themes.  While no theme will contain plugin dependencies, we’re hoping to interface closely and beautifully with plugins like Beaver Builder, Aesop Story Engine, Conductor, Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, and Exchange by iThemes.  These plugins are all well known and provide excellent support and resources in their specific areas.

Red Cloud Themes still a bit away from launching our first theme, but I’m very excited about it and what the future holds.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.  Head on over to Red Cloud Themes Twitter account and give me a shout!

*** If you have a plugin that you believe would be a great partner with Red Cloud Themes, I’d love to talk to you.

Published by Matt Pritchett

Matt is a Christian, a husband, a father to two beautiful girls and a WordPress developer at CrowdFavorite. He also creates software for nonprofits and enterprise customers at Pritchett Media.

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